How To Cope With A Hangover At Work

Work Hangover
Like that mug, we can see through you.

By: David Cutler

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and you have to go to work, but there’s one problem: you’re hungover af. How will you ever get your work done? Will you be able to hide the fact from your boss? What should you do to stop that awful headache? Well fear not, because I have the hangover cures for you!

Time ISN’T The Answer

You know how people say that time is the only cure for hangovers? Well that’s B.S. because taking some Advil and drinking an ice coffee from Dunkin will really help you out. Ain’t nobody got time to wait for a headache to pass when you have work to do!

Work Hangover
Always ahead of the game.

Take A Shower In Your Office

Showers always help people feel better, so why not take one in the privacy of your workspace. Fill up your thermos with water and pour it over your head repeatedly. Make sure you keep all your wash products with you in a drawer. And remember: keeping your clothing on is optional.

Don’t Go To Work

You can’t get fired from your job if you don’t show up…

Drink More Alcohol

Bring a hair-of-the-dog cocktail to work and watch as you forget you ever had a hangover and work to do.

Don’t Drink The Night Before

Pppffttt, ya right. Go wild you crazy animals! Put the fun in functioning alcoholic!

Another round?