Why Super Bowl Ads Are Better Than The Game Itself

If you haven’t already guessed it from the title, I’m not much of a sports fan. The only way to get me to watch the super bowl is by bribing me with good friends, BBQ, and beers. These bribes help distract me from the mundane football talk that I know nothing about. But one other aspect of that day gets me through the game, and that’s the super bowl commercials. As a marketer, I enjoy watching these 30 or 60-second works of art that surprise me every year. After learning about different marketing tactics through my college career, I’ve come to appreciate these ads more than I ever have before.  Allow me to explain why the ads during the super bowl are better than the game itself.

superbowl eagles patriots
The Eagles vs. The Patriots….and I don’t care.

No One Yells At Commercials

Why must people yell at the screen when something exciting is happening? It’s not going to help the player catch the ball or score that touchdown. I’m trying to enjoy my queso dip, but I can’t when Bob the overly obsessed Patriots fan is yelling in my ear. THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU FROM THE TV, BOB, SO STOP YELLING! But when a commercial comes on, everyone is quiet and eager to watch something that hopefully will have them laughing together instead of yelling at each other.

No One Argues Over Commercials

Ever notice how half the conversations during a super bowl party is just arguing about which team’s better or if that one call 30 minutes ago was fair or not? These arguments can get heated and loud, and that’s annoying when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone else. And for nonsports fans like me, I get lost in all the sports jargon and I just try to change the subject. Thankfully, no one gets into big arguments about the ads, and for a few minutes, everyone in the room gets along.

Commercials Are Always A Surprise

Let’s face it: you’ve seen these teams play before all year long. You know what they’re like. And yes, there will be some crazy comebacks and interceptions, but you’ve seen that all before. But you know what you haven’t seen? Some ridiculously absurd, over the top, and hilarious commercial for the Amazon echo. Get ready to see your favorite actors like you’ve never seen them before, while Tom Brady does the same thing he always does: throw a ball at someone.

Rollercoaster Of Emotions

There are only two emotions to a super bowl game: happy or sad. When you don’t care about sports like me, you don’t feel anything except the heartburn from the spicy wings. But because of all the amazing advertisements being made for the game, there’s no shortage of different emotions. Coke might make you feel nostalgic, Doritos will make you laugh, Budweiser tugs at your heartstrings, and Go Daddy makes you feel…different…


At the end of the day, the only winners are the players themselves. But when you, the viewers, watch a bunch of amazing commercials, everyone’s a winner!

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