How Your Valentine And Bitcoin Are Practically The Same

Valentine's Day Bitcoin
Yeah, unfortunately we can still see you all…

If You Don’t Have One, People Who Do Won’t Shut Up About How You Need To Get One

Once again, you’re alone on February 14 and you just want to settle down on the couch and watch Netflix. But in walks Becky and her pretentious boyfriend Mark yelling at you to get up and find someone to be with for Valentine’s Day. Becky will tell you how much fun it is to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and that you NEEEEED to find one ASAP! They grab you and take you to a club or singles mixer and hope to be the wingmen of the century while you awkwardly stand there wishing it was St. Patrick’s Day already. The same goes for the beloved cryptocurrency Bitcoin: if you don’t have one, Joe from Accounting will attack you with information about it until you sell your soul to the devil for one. (I think that’s how you get them?)


You Can Either Get Really Lucky or Strike Out

Like Bitcoin prices, your valentine’s emotions can fluctuate. One moment they’re enjoying your company, and the next they’re leaving you money-less while you cry alone in bed. The outcome may not be pretty but if you play your cards right, you might be able to score. Be sure to make moves when the time is right.

Bitcoin Valentine's Day
B is for Bae.


You Have To Invest  In Both To Get The Desired Result

If you want you and your valentine to enjoy the day, you have to put in some cash. Whether it’s going to their favorite restaurant or getting the chocolate and flowers, money is crucial in order to make these things possible. Investing your money properly can hopefully lead to a nice night together. Now, however you get Bitcoin, be it the devil or some other method, you need to invest money in order to get that sweet, sweet ROI.


Let’s Face It: You Know Nothing About Either One Of Them

Some people have known their valentines for years, but you probably met yours a few weeks ago. You’re still doing the research and figuring out their siblings’ names or what their favorite pizza topping is. There’s so much to learn about a person that it can take years of listening to finally realize that you still don’t know everything and you probably never will. Researching Bitcoin is the same thing. But hey, at least you’ll never have to go meet its parents on Thanksgiving.

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