St. Patrick’s Day and Bitcoin are Basically the Same Thing

St. Patrick’s day was just here and that means its time for another blog post comparing this Christian-Hallmark hero to almost everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency,  Bitcoin!

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They Are Shrouded In Mystery

Not much information is given on when or where Saint Patrick was born but there are many different speculations. Historians also don’t know if the miracles he performed actually happened. We’re not even sure where he’s buried in Ireland. What we do know? Bitcoin is just as mysterious. We never really understand what it is and we never know when its price will fluctuate.

Driving Things Out Of Places

According to legend, Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland after they attacked him during a 40 day fast he was observing atop a hill. Is this true? Probably not. But what is true is that your friend’s excessive talk about Bitcoin will drive out all the people from the room and you’ll be left alone wondering why you brought your Bitcoin obsessed friend to that St. Patrick’s day party.

Celebrating With Alcohol

We celebrate Saint Patrick with day drinking and bar crawls because no holiday is complete without alcohol and toasting to the accomplishments of this particular saint is a great way to remember his legacy. If you really love bitcoin and have hit it big with your investment in it, you’ll probably celebrate with a drink. If you lost money from it, you’ll drink as well. Either way, you end up drunk, muttering about your investment to an uninterested woman at the bar.

More Satire please!