Bitcoin Is Basically Pot

Suh dudes! It’s that time again where we discuss how bitcoin compares to something else. Today we’ll explore the similarities between that ever so popular cryptocurrency and the magic of marijuana. So take a hit from the bong and stay woke with these dank examples.


You Never Know What’ll Happen


Sure, Indica strains may make you tired and Sativas help you come up with the next great rock opera for dogs, but sometimes the weed you smoke might take you for a ride you didn’t want to be on. When investing in Bitcoin, it’s uncertain what will happen with the prices or if the currency will even last so you might end up crying in bed just like you did after that bad trip from the laced weed you had at Coachella.


Bitcoin 420 Cryptocurrency
These two again….

Price Fluctuations


One day a gram is 10 bucks, the next it’s 15. “What happened?” you ask your dealers. “I don’t know, bro,” they respond. One day Bitcoin costs $19,000, the next it’s $8,500. “What happened?” you ask your Bitcoin gurus. “I don’t know, bro,” they respond. THEY’RE THE SAME THING!


It’s A Whole Culture Now


Weed culture has flourished over the years. From music and movies to apparel and novels, weed is everywhere. Websites were made to discuss different strains, while news sites like Vice cover all things weed around the world. People celebrate 4/20 like a holiday by blazing up all day long while listening to Bob Marley, praise be unto him. Bitcoin is slowly but surely creating its own culture and one day I hope to listen to Bobby Bitcoin and the CryptoCrew on National Bitcoin Day.


Your Friends Won’t Shut Up About It


Everyone has those stoner friends who won’t stop talking about weed. Nothing else in the world matters to them more than their precious Mary Jane and they’ll always feel the need to tell you about it, even when you don’t care. Hearing about you roommate Sammy’s crazy weed-fueled dream about Tickle-Me-Elmo taking over the world might not be what you want to hear while you try to focus on finishing your work. The same goes for your Bitcoin loving friends. They don’t stop blabbering on about the new Cryptocurrencies that came out or how their stocks plummeted while you’re out trying to have fun. It’s tough to deal with these friends but you put up with them time and time again, so sit back and smoke a bowl today because let’s face it: you deserve it!


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