An Intern’s Thoughts on The Game of Thrones S8 Trailer

game of thrones

**Spoilers Ahead

Thank you to whoever put together the fantastic, final “Game of Thrones” trailer. Right now the
trailer has 33 million views, and that number is only growing. That’s a big deal for a TV series.
You could argue that the trailer’s success is due to the show’s widespread popularity. You’d be
f*cking wrong. There’s one simple reason: Arya Stark. She’s the true hero of this trailer.

Let me tell you, I was screaming when the first thing to pop on my screen was a clip of Arya
Stark looking scared in a corridor. As a rational person, I started nervously laughing while
contemplating the fate of everyone in Westeros. She also starts running away from something
that seems to genuinely scare her, which is odd, considering that she definitely has the skill-set
to kill any white walker. So maybe the corpses in the Winterfell crypts get reanimated? That’s a
creepy thought, considering her father is buried down there, which is definitely something that
would put that horrified look on her face. Or maybe the Night King is after her? But he just
doesn’t seem like the running type, cause he took down poor Viserion without breaking a sweat.

But then I started thinking… what if Arya is the princess who was promised (the badass who
ends the long night & demolishes the army of the dead)? If you were to go on Reddit right now,
you would see a million well thought out theories of who the prince/princess could be. The
consensus seems to be Jon Snow or Daenerys, which is a little too expected in my opinion. So
let us start thinking of Arya as a possibility… She was part of a death worshiping assassin cult,
so stranger things have definitely happened. The trailer also spends a lot of time with her, but
this could be a red herring.

game of thrones

Or it could be Jaime Lannister. Last season he abandoned his sister (and their incestuous
relationship) for the noble cause of trying to save the world. A small part of me was worried he’d
chicken out and go back to Cersei. But he seems all about fighting for the living in the
long-awaited trailer. But seriously, good for Jaimie for leaving Cersei. As if being extremely
related wasn’t enough, she’s a capricious ruler who would rather see the world burn than give
up her crown. So it wasn’t exactly a healthy relationship for obvious reasons. Jaime has
undergone some of the most serious character changes in the show. A lot of viewers are
conflicted about his character, considering that he has done some exceedingly disturbing stuff in
the past. But like I said, GOT is the kind of show to subvert expectations.

And good god, there’s Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow Targaryen. Yep, Jon Targaryen (or
Aegon Targaryen). My heart goes out to these two, and the complicated issue of Jon’s real
name! They fell in love… little did they know they’re related. Yep, Daenerys is Jon’s aunt. If that
doesn’t throw a wrench in the relationship, I don’t know what will. The trailer doesn’t give much
away — like whether or not they find about their unwittingly incestuous relationship. Side note —
this show has A LOT of incest, maybe too much. That reveal will be super fun to watch. But,
Daenerys should probably be more concerned with Cersei, who looks a little too happy when
she’s briefly shown sipping wine in the trailer. You also get a flash of what appears to be the

army she bought last season, so that doesn’t bode well. I’m even more concerned when I think
about the fact that Daenerys has already lost a dragon (hopefully she won’t lose another), and
that she’ll probably lose a good chunk of her forces when fighting the army of the dead. So
yeah, I wouldn’t be so shocked if Cersei wins the throne at this point because the heroes of this
show always seem to meet more grim endings. I’m looking at you, Ned Stark.

game of thrones

Sansa is barely shown in the trailer, but you do get to see her react in awe to witnessing
Daenerys’s dragons for the first time. Tyrion’s possibly distraught face is also briefly shown in
the trailer, as is Gendry, who looks to be making weapons to face the army of the dead. It also
shows that Tormund and Dolorous Edd somehow survived the collapse of the wall! HOW?!?!
Grey Worm and Missandei are also shown passionately kissing. Which, is nice to see amongst
all the horror. There’s also a notable lack of Greyjoys in the trailer, which makes me wonder
what the heck is going on with them.

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