How To Cope With The Constant Negative News Cycle

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Gaining access to the news 24/7 is one of the gifts bestowed upon us by the digital age. But,
who knew it would hurt this much? Every time I click on my news app I’m filled with something
too close to dread. It leads me to wonder what person this week, that has been widely looked up
to, will actually turn out to be human garbage? What senseless and horrific crimes have been
committed? It is and has been, exhausting and repetitive. But also, I can’t look away, like I’m
witnessing the scene of a car crash on the motorway. I really, really want to, but I just can’t
seem to avert my gaze.

Since I can’t stick my head in the sand (no matter how much I may want too), I’ve decided I’m
NEVER looking away. This means my sole goal in life is gonna be reading the news as much as
I possibly can in life, in the hopes that it won’t hurt so much to read it anymore. In between job
and school responsibilities, this is how I’ll use my free time. The news will be what I read before
I go to bed every night, and it will be what I wake up to every morning.

This might seem strange, but just hear me out: What if a person were exposed to some constant source
of negativity (THE NEWS) for long periods of time, then that person would logically build a healthy
tolerance toward it at some point, right. One could describe it as numbing yourself. Or, better yet,
think of it as lifting weights in the area of your mind that combats negativity.

Yep, that sounds healthier.

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In a perfect world, you would be able to read/watch the news all the time. Unfortunately, we
sometimes have to interact with the people around us *shudders*. So, what can we do in these
situations? We can talk about the news! Misery loves company, and my dears, you probably
won’t have anything else to talk about at a certain point in this process. By the way, when loved
ones eventually start asking why your eyes are always red now, say that it’s from never flinching
the face of truth (your phone screen) again. That will totally alleviate any concerns they have
about you.

My own progress has been, well, quite limited. So far. But, I’m not giving up, and neither should
anyone else who starts this journey. My method actually does work sometimes. When I haven’t
slept in over 24 hours because of my non-stop quest to end the negativity brought on by the
news (not me – no matter what anyone else says), this is when it works best. Maybe it’s the
delirium, or the words on the screen becoming nonsensical in your sleep deprived brain – but,
who cares? I know, I don’t!

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