Comedy is a Marketing Essential

comedy marketing advertising
what’s the deal with airplane food?

People are exposed to more marketing campaigns than they are aware of. It has never
been easier to advertise to people in the age of internet obsession and social media. According
to Forbes, the average person sees 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day. That’s a lot of
different marketers trying to leave an imprint of their product/service in the minds of consumers.

So the question is, how is anyone supposed to successfully market in an age where we are
constantly exposed to marketing campaigns? The answer is comedy. Sorry, just kidding.
BUT it does help to leave an impression on consumers whose attention span is being squashed
to the size of a pea from the sheer weight of the internet.

comedy marketing advertising
new yorkkkkk something something dreams are made of…

I know a good amount of people who watch the Superbowl every year. I’d estimate a good 70%
watch for the actual game and a solid 30% watch for commercials alone. You wanna know
why? Because those commercials are insane. Almost none of them have anything to do with the
actual product being marketed, yet, they are fun to watch. It’s been years since the Budweiser
Superbowl commercial with the puppy and the horse came out, and I’m convinced I’ll remember
it till the day I die. Try to say that commercial’s not precious, I DARE YOU!

My point is when something is precious enough or funny enough (or a winning combination of
the two), people will remember. But what’s more important is that people generally want to be
entertained, but you have to snatch their attention away from all the other ads floating around in
order to do that. You also have to maintain that attention. Humor is a great tool to use to grab
consumers attention, and if the ad created is funny enough it will stay in the consumer’s mind
long after they’ve watched it.

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