Christmas is Right Around the Corner: Now What?

christmas holidays

Well, I’ll tell you the most important things you can do for last minute Christmas preparation because let’s
face it we’ve all been there — you’ve been so busy you haven’t been able to give the holidays
much thought until now.


1. Don’t care about anyone else this Christmas, but…

Yourself. You’ve earned it and even if you haven’t, who cares? So your loved ones are most
likely thinking about whether or not they got you the perfect gift. Maybe they spent a good
portion of their Christmas bonus especially for you, well that’s no skin off your back. Everyone
knows the true gift is giving one. You’re not made of money. Even if you were, you didn’t ask
these people to love and care for you. Here’s a little tip for when Christmas comes and you’re
slightly empty-handed… Remind them that the true gift is your presence.


2. Buy yourself everything…

Your Christmas bonus has to be spent some way. Who matters more to you than yourself?
Remember, only idiots spend money on other people and you’re no dummy.


3. Pour yourself a drink…

Or seven. After spending your whole Christmas bonus and then some (if you’re anything like
me) your gonna have to pour yourself a drink. Don’t be stressed about a petty thing like
finances. It’s the holidays!


4. If you’re still stressed start screaming at various loved

It’s unhealthy to hold your anger in. A little friendly fire never hurt anyone, especially when you
get to dish it out. Really let your loved ones have it this Christmas by getting the brunt of your
misdirected rage and stress. They’ll know they don’t deserve it (hopefully) and you know they’ll
just be glad to help you work out your inner turmoil!


5. Finally, stuff your face.

All the shopping, screaming, drinking, and general narcissism has left you feeling empty inside.
You’ll need nourishment to sustain the fire inside your soul. Go ahead and eat all the cookies
that some fool spent their time making. You’re gonna need it more than them.


Happy Holidays from SKITish Media!