Inc. Features Skitish Media in Profile Piece

The founders of Skitish Media

We’re very excited to share this article from Inc. that profiles Skitish Media.  Our team was thrilled when writer Lolly Daskal approached us with the idea for the piece.  This article comes out at the same time that we are celebrating the announcement of Skitish Media being accepted into Young & Rubicam’s Sparkplug accelerator program.  This has been a building year for us and 2018 is shaping up to be an explosive time for Skitish’s growth.  Stay tuned!

The founders of Skitish Media
Jon Fatigate, Dani Zoldan, and Judah Meiteles – Skitish Media founders

Buzzfeed Tasty Parody: Nudtrition and Skitish Media

With the help of Skitish Media, Nudtrition has created a satirical video parodying the iconic Tasty videos on Buzzfeed, to help broaden its consumer base.

Nudtrition is a vitamin company based in New York. According to the company’s research, most beauty products for hair, skin and nails use unnatural and sometimes harmful ingredients. These products may enhance a persons looks but for how long are people willing to risk the damage it can do to someone’s body? Nudtrition has an alternate solution. Rather than replacing natural beauty with artificial colors and products, Nudtrition offers health, natural, supplements, which merely complements a persons natural beauty rather than substituting it with unnecessary beauty products. For example, Bare Beauty is a new Nudtrition supplement that supports and promotes natural beauty.

Bare Beauty by Nudtrition
Bare Beauty by Nudtrition

To help gain publicity, Skitish Media created a parody of healthy food preparation videos like Buzzfeed Tasty. Lipstick, foundation, eyelashes, blush, press on nails, hair extensions, are just some of the many ingredients used to make a delicious “healthy smoothie.”

“All-Natural Vitamin Beauty Enhancer Nudtrition™ Offers a Healthy, Sexy Way to Support Your Natural Body.”



Nudtrition, offers a healthier and sexier look. With over 540,000 views on Facebook, Nudtrition has been able to reach a wide audience and spread its health supplement products to a wider consumer base; from foodies to workout buffs.

This is due to Skitish Media’s efforts in creating new and fresh content. Partnered up with Stand Up NY, a premier New York City Comedy Club on the Upper West Side, Skitish Media focuses on branded entertainment and used comedy to help promote and disseminate information about the Nudtrition.


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Gamer Up Goes Viral in Video With Kendra Sunderland, AKA Library Girl

Kendra Sunderland AKA Library Girl

Gamer Up, a supplement which gives focus, energy and endurance to gamers, partnered with Skitish Media to produce a hilarious video with famous porn star, Kendra Sunderland.

Kendra Sunderland AKA Library Girl
Video by Skitish Media

New York, NY – Controlled Labs is a popular supplement company who saw a huge opportunity with a demographic that you might not expect from a brand that is typically associated with body builders.  If gamers are athletes, then focus is their muscle.  Gamer Up was designed to maximize that focus, and our creatives at Skitish Media decided to push it to the limit.

Kendra Sunderland is a wildly popular adult film actress who gained fame for using her time at the Oregon State University library to give peep shows to people on webcam sites. She quickly became known as “Library Girl” and a fan base followed her as she was arrested and kicked out of school for the viral display.

Skitish Media creatives were well aware of Kendra and her talent for humor as well as for beauty.  Tapping into some of our favorite comedians (Greg Stone, Rosebud Baker, Neko White, and Zac Amico), the video features them competing to game while Kendra fights for their distraction.  The results are hilarious, and the feedback has been very exciting.

Kendra Sunderland distracts comedian gamer
Kendra Sunderland distracts Greg Stone

The video reached more than 500,000 people in less than 24 hours.  Check out the video below:




Comedian Modi Visits Manhattan Day School

Modi at Manhattan Day School

Stand up comedian, Modi, starred in Manhattan Day School’s 74th annual scholarship dinner video.

Modi plays principal for the day at Manhattan Day School
Modi plays principal for the day at Manhattan Day School.

New York, NY – Even schools need comedy! For the annual scholarship dinner this year at Manhattan Day School, Skitish Media was hired to make something funny and fresh for their audience. We decided to bring in the hilarious comedian, Modi, to try his hand as the school’s substitute principal for the day.


About Manhattan Day School 

Established in 1943, Manhattan Day School is a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva day school located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. MDS offers General and Judaic Studies to students in Toddler through eighth grade.

Modi at Manhattan Day School
Modi pulls up at Manhattan Day School
Students in the STEM Lab at Manhattan Day School
Students in the new STEM Lab
Comedian Modi cracks up the class at Manhattan Day School.
Comedian Modi cracks up the class at Manhattan Day School.
Student in art class at Manhattan Day School
Student painting tiles at Manhattan Day School
Student works with clay at Manhattan Day School.
Student working with clay at Manhattan Day School