Move Over Boring Family Pictures, There’s Some New Desk Decorations In Town

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The Top 10 Items You Should Have On Your Work Desk

Wanna make your workplace more exciting? Wanna let your co-workers know you’re cool by showing off a desk filled with interesting trinkets? Then look no further than this list of ten awesome things to have on your desk.


Actual Work  

Nothing shows you’re more prepared for this job than actually having the work you should be doing on your desk. Impress your boss and co-workers with your zealousness to get it done or completely fool them and don’t actually do it.


Off Brand Fidget Spinners

Nothing screams “I’m hip” more than having a fidget spinner, especially one made from a country you can’t pronounce. It’ll probably break after a week, but at least it’s something to distract you from all the work you’re supposed to be doing.


Snow Globes

Because who doesn’t enjoy feeling like a god by causing a mini snowstorm in a glass dome?


A Jar With The Tears Of Your Enemies

Show your office workers whose boss with this intimidating desk ornament. Carol from HR will never bother you again.

Tears Enemies Jar Office Work
Stay humble










A Waifu Pillow

Senpai will definitely notice you with your body pillow wife by your side


Doll Heads

I’m not creepy, you’re creepy!


A Bible

Have god on your side at work. Also good for pissing off the office atheist.



Just in case you need to make a fire to stay warm when Cathy turns the thermostat down.


 Sea Monkeys

Those things still exist, right?


Historical Action Figures

Everyone will be impressed with your Abraham Lincoln figurine, now with Kung Fu grip action and top hat accessory!


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