Keep Warm, Even If It’s From A Brain Freeze.

A brain freeze can be too much for one person to handle. Maybe we should all learn a thing or two about how to keep warm.

patagonia jacket
It’s a Fluffy Patagonia Jacket

Coyote Peterson and his crazy antics are back! But this time he isn’t sticking his hand in a crab’s claw or his penis in

Icicles on a woman's head
this is what happens when you drink something cold

a gofer hole. Peterson is doing his most extreme challenge to date on the Brave Wilderness channel; he’s eating flavored ices until he gets brain freeze. Since August 4, over 2.7 million tuned in to watch this courageous act.

Out of respect, let’s take a moment of silence in hopes that his brain goes back to normal. I mean, he also tried to eat Spam and threw up but I don’t think that was the overarching purpose of the video.

Anyways, I don’t think it takes a genius or wildlife expert to know that eating three pounds of shaved ice will contract your brain muscles and make you feel like you’re dying slowly. That said, in the great words of Friedrich Nietzsche “Most people are stupid.” Maybe it is important to make the world aware of the harmful effects of ice. If there was some way, somehow, someone would be willing to take on that fight.

People exiting an igloo
Just another way to stay warm

Luckily, according to the Supreme Court, corporations are people so, peace out Superman and hello Patagonia, North Face or even Black Diamond. These winter apparel companies could produce ads suggesting ways to fight the different levels of cold. When someone has brain freeze, touch your thumb to the roof of your mouth. If you’re going camping and the wind makes you freeze, build a fire. It’s there’s three feet of snow and it seems like Frosty the Snowman should be coming to life, buy a thick fluffy jacket and other apparel from North Face.

The log-line? “There are different levels of cold, let us show you how to survive them all.”


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