Customers Can Be Funny, But They Can Also Just Be Mean.

Sometimes the way people act can just be plain silly. That’s why businesses would work in sales should exploit that comedy gold.

Man complaining about food
Ugh, What is this? I did not ask for crap on a plate.

1.48 million views just to watch a group of 17-year-old kids re-imagine what a terrible pool party would be like. First off, if I ever had a pool party and found three of my friends peeing in it and another two-people eating soup I would stop associating myself with them let alone kick them out of my pool. Also, who eats soup at a pool party, where are

Child in a shopping cart
Watch out, this kid might cost his mom five dollars for a broken jar of jam

we communist Russia? The only accurate event that occurred in the entire video is the guy trying to get onto the Pizza shaped floaty. Those things are harder to get onto than a horse saddle covered in lubricant.

That said, this video provides a solid concept that could be utilized to ironically advertise certain products. While not presented very well, the underlying idea behind the video was “every pool party ever.” Playing off various stereotypes which can be found at a party. This would work for companies like Walmart, Target or even Macdonald’s; any place that has a diverse group of costumers coming into their store. The logline of the commercial would be “Every type of customer that comes into the store.”

May I take your hate sir?
May I take your hate sir?

For example, the commercial may discuss the customer who has a never-ending list of coupons, holding up the rest of the line. Another customer could be the one who touches all the produce or repeats the same questions over and over again, irritating the employee. An additional situation could show a temper tantrum having child breaking knocking over produce or breaking things while the mom is trying to calm the child while speaking over the phone. I don’t work in this kind of business. I don’t have endless stories of belligerent or less than intelligent customers being obnoxious and disorderly but I know they exist and if they’re even half as ridiculous as how they sound, the commercial would go viral.


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